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Dicklesswonder presents:

"Off with his Penis!"

An entertaining tale of castration, using a penis Guillotine.

Some of the pictures are animated. Wait for them to download or you'll miss the fun.

So, now to our story...

This is John's penis. (Cock, Dick, Tool, Dong, Cockalation, Prick, call it what you wish). Take a good look at it. It might not be there much longer!


His cock pays regular visits to womens' fuckholes, as cocks like to do. (Unless they like to visit other men's assholes, as some cocks like to do). Here we see an example of one woman's fuckhole that it visits regularly. It belongs to Susan Shitpot his favorite whore. It likes the inside of her fuckhole and until recently, Susan's fuckhole has liked the feel of the cock. She often goes out without panties and if you knelt down, and looked up her skirt, this is what you'd see.


He just can't get enought fucking and if there is not a woman around, who's feeling hot, John will masturbate, using pinup mags and the underwear sections of Mail Order Catalogues to give him ideas, but he'd rather fuck whores, if he can. He does not realise that soon he's going to have nothing to hold onto.



On the day this story takes place, he in Susan's bedroom and she is in a fucking mood. You can see the affect is has on his dick. Take a good look. It may not be there much longer.



He plans to warm her up first with a few minutes of cunnilus, but she has other plans which involve a sharp blade and the base of his dick. While he's looking forward to getting his face up her ass, she is working out her castration plan. Meanwhile he's eaten THREE Viagra tablets!


You may think his dick is a good size, but Susan has a problem. She looses interest with her studs after a short while.

She is not feeling as sexy about him as she used to. For a while she cannot think what to do, then a brilliant idea comes to mind. She's got this new toy she is just dying to put into action.

sexy whore

Every since she got one of these she's been looking for someone to use it on.

She's feeling so excited about the idea that her fuckhole is getting moist and she her little titties are swelling up.


She knows he has quite an interest in the contents of her chamberpot. Why not lure him into putting his dick in the castration machine with an offer for her to fill that shitpot afterwards. The deal is that if he is a good boy, and puts his penis in the hole, he can enjoy a little scatology later in the evening. Meanwhile, her rear view looks very interesting. If you guys have still got your cocks you may find the view stimulating.
Question: Which hole would you put your dick into?


First she has to convince him that the Guillotine is totally safe. The wood part above the lunette appears to be solid, so there is nowhere for the blade to drop. (In fact, this is a secret flap which moves just as the blade falls and permits the blade to fall right down and chop off the penis).

A few well chosen remarks that she will go to stool into the chamberpot when he's watched from the Guillotine for half an hour and he begins to agree to the plan. "It's only a stage prop" she says. Little does he know wha t is in store.



Looking forward to some scatogy later in the evening, he kneels by the chair while she puts him in bondage. Look how huge his cock has gone after three Viagra tablets.

His penis goes thought the lunette, but who cares? It is only a stage prop isn't it? Or, so he thinks. The hood is made of a woman's slip and he can see thought the silk.


What's going to happen next? Is he really for the chop?

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